KPMG has a renewed commitment to serve public interest, of which caring for our communities is a huge part. As a skills dependent firm and a training office, education and lifelong learning are at the core of our strategy and social investment focus. Member firms within the KPMG network across its citizenship programmes have supported the call by UNESCO that learning should never stop. KPMG South Africa has provided its own skills to advance learning and has formed partnerships with organisations that are working tirelessly to mitigate disruptions on the class of 2020. It is indeed an honour for us to contribute towards the development of our youth and future leaders alongside a credible and long-standing champion of Education and Learning such a Primestars. “We see Primestars’ model that ensures that learners remain engaged and excited about education and learning as a critical service to our country. Their focus on youth entrepreneurship is also a shared focus area which we are excited to be a part of in future,” says Makgotso Letsitsi, Head of People, Transformation and Citizenship at KPMG South Africa.