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Primestars is known as the private tutor

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The Career Guidance Pro-gramme, called My Future, My Career, equips learners with booklets to encourage them to proactively explore and take full advantage of the career opportunities that exist for them.

The Financial Literacy Pro-gramme Smartbucks does screenings for 5 consecutive Saturdays. The focus is to instil a culture of saving among our youth to aid investment, and ultimately, result in economic growth.

Step Up To A Start Up, a practical Entrepreneurship Programme is about igniting entrepreneurship. It focuses on changing their mind-sets and aiding them to become job creators instead of job seekers.

This Maths and Science initiative, known as eduCate, presents a practical, and scalable model to cover the entire Matric curriculum and assists learners to excel in Math and Science before their final examinations.

Nkosinathi Moshoana, General Manager


Primestars Marketing is a company that specializes in facilitating Youth Development programmes for high school learners from underserved communities.

We utilize an “Educational Theatre of Learning” model to enhance the educational process particularly for disadvantaged youth in South Africa. Films and TV shows are an integral part of any learner’s life and therefore introducing short films into the curriculum creates an entertaining and enjoyable way to process and retain information. We run the Youth Development Programmes nationwide.

We create Public, Private Partnerships and collaborate with companies, organizations and universities.  Over the years our programmes have been supported  by various organisations namely; Proudly South Africa, Department of Basic Education, Department of Higher Education, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Small Business, Department of Water and Sanitation and Department of the Environment to mention a few.

Most of our major funding comes from our commercial sponsors such as Sasol, MTN, Standard Bank and many others who can be viewed in our Sponsor section.

With over 12 years’ experience, these programmes are designed to help South African youth develop the skills needed to participate more meaningfully in the economy, thereby building a sustainable environment in which business can operate.


Our social movement presents a practical, realistic and scalable model of how business can help to affect the ‘learning renaissance’ by contributing to the education of its future leaders, consumers and workforce through technical innovation, exceptional teaching, dynamic interaction and gripping content – making education cool.

The sessions are presented in an educational, yet entertaining manner. Primestars Theatres of Learning are the point of contact when it comes to direct avenues for youth engagement as well as gathering meaningful insights. Through the cinema channel, Primestars connects and creates relationships with over 90 000 youth, linking them with sponsor brands nationally.

In order to engage the youth effectively, brands must communicate authentically with the help of impressive imagery and role models.

For brands to connect and evolve, they need to be interactive, create platforms for, not only brand- customer interaction but also for peer-to-peer engagement. They must educate, entertain and invite target audiences to step out of the ordinary and voice their opinions and preferences.

Youth are driven by the desire to experience the emotion of joy, in the context of connectivity and sharing moments of fun with friends. The cinemas are a space that gives them a sense of belonging and community, it has become the third place where youth gather to share knowledge, interact, learn and grow.

Past engagement with learners at cinemas has indicated that they find this edutainment very stimulating and as a result, concentration and message retention are improved. Participating schools have reported a marked improvement in results of the learners that have attended the programme.

In order to engage the youth effectively, brands must communicate authentically with the help of impressive imagery and role models. 

Personal engagement with the youth can offer meaningful research insights to brands that want to engage. It is through dialogue that brands gain the true essence and insights to millennials: who they are, what moves and inspires them and therefore remaining in the forefront of youth culture and trends.

Primestars has fruitful relationships with key leading brands in various industries. As such, the aim is to ensure that our approach to learning and education is explored through interactive cinema spaces – that give a human centric approach, through community and direct engagement.

The market is always seeking new and extraordinary experiences. They feel ‘caged’ when not given the opportunity to experience, express and evolve themselves, especially in their circle of peers. Disrupting and motivating them to get involved will emphasise the opportunity to turn the state of boredom into one of fun, learning, excitement and growth.

Experience, connectivity and community are all important drivers for this generation. Gaining insight to this market allows brands to successfully combine a number of market penetration factors that engage millennials’ interest in participative marketing.


Nkosinathi Moshoana General Manager of Primestars


Primestars has previously been called “the Uber of education” by the Sunday Times because, although they don’t own any schools, they are currently the biggest virtual place of learning in the country, improving the lives of 90 000 young South African black youth per annum, one educational cinema at a time.


On 12 August 2017, learners began their journey into the world of entrepreneurship through the movie titled ‘Vukuzenzele’, which was screened at 15 Ster-Kinekor cinemas nationwide over a period of five weeks. As part of the programme, each learner received a toolkit, which will assist them in implementing the skills learnt and developing their own business ideas and models. Learners were given the opportunity to compete in an entrepreneurial competition by submitting their business model canvasses for assessment and adjudication by a panel of industry professionals and sponsors.

During this process, at least nine top business models were identified and the teams responsible were invited to attend a boot camp in Johannesburg. This was hone and polish participants’ skills, as they start to think more about developing and starting their businesses based on the ideas they submitted, and will culminate in a prestigious gala dinner and awards ceremony where the winners will be announced on December 5 2017.

“I have no doubt that this new initiative to nurture and grow young entrepreneurs will produce real results in a short space of time. It is imperative we instil the right mind-set for growth and provide essential support to develop ideas that will grow into highly successful businesses of the future. At Standard Bank, we are committed to youth entrepreneurship and enabling the youth to achieve their next big dream,” said Jayshree Naidoo, head of the Standard Bank Incubator.

“The sky is the limit for the youth of tomorrow, if they get the support needed to take that first crucial step on their journeys to success. After all, the greatest businesses start with a simple idea. We hope to provide the foundation that will assist the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to reach for the stars,” concludes Martin Sweet Managing Director of Primestars Marketing.


An annual highlight is the Primestars Entrepreneurship Competition

Primary Aims

  • To inspire a culture of entrepreneurship and self-generated wealth creation.
  • To provide unique insights into the qualities that drive successful entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • To expose youth to positive role-models from whom they can learn.
  • To entrench positive ethics, strong values, sound principles and good conduct.
  • To provide practical tools that can easily be applied by budding entrepreneurs.
  • To inspire entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation in everyday life.
  • To give young South Africans a platform to showcase their entrepreneurial ability.
  • To identify and foster South Africa’s top young entrepreneurial talent.
  • To assist with the CAPS curriculum.

There are three core elements, namely:

  • The production and screening of an educational film.
  • An Entrepreneurs Tool Kit given to all participating learners.
  • A National Competition designed to identify South Africa’s top young entrepreneurial talent.

When developing their business ideas, the learners are guided by strategic and tactical questions that form the framework of the competition.

This project targets grade 10, 11 & 12 learners from historically disadvantaged schools nationally, with a focus on those interested in entrepreneurship. Sponsors of the business idea competition also have an opportunity to tap into sustainable CSI opportunities and gain brand exposure.

We have established an Entrepreneur Development Day where finalists of the competition showcase their business ideas, thereby giving them the opportunity to learn valuable business skills by starting, owning and operating their own business.

Transforming South African Youth through

“Educational Theatres of Learning”



Palesa Machaka was an Innovation Hub beneficiary who joined the programme in 2015. They entered with a business that manufactured name tags from recycled materials to be used on school and work uniforms to save their customers’ costs. Since then, she and her partner have sustained the business within their schools and other local areas with some of the resources provided by the programme sponsors. Last year, she spoke at the launch of the 2016 programme and shared that she had gone into partnership to start a seasonal catering business in Soshanguve for commuters in the area. At the beginning of this year, using her prize money from The Innovation Hub, she was able to enrol at Wits to pursue a qualification in Engineering

Palesa Machaka


Sipho Mlambo was part of the team that won the very 1st Step Up 2 A Start Up competition in 2014 with a team that created a Solar Umbrella (designed to collect transform solar energy into electricity) to assist families and young people in areas that lack electricity.

One of their prizes was a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the United States which changed them forever. Sipho did not continue in his business partnership and opted to continue solo. At this year’s Step Up 2 A Start Up launch, on 6 July, Sipho addressed the audience of 300 executive guests and the media to announce that he had successfully published his own book and that it was listed on Amazon and ready for sale.

Sipho Mlambo


To Drive Positive Social Change

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